Monday, October 25, 2010

Three Matched 10mm Ancients Armies for Sale

Into another auction here at the Lead Gardens (my oldest daughter needs dental work...)  
So I have three 10mm Armies based for Warmaster up for sale on Ebay.
(here is the link to the motley but tough Carthaginians:  LINK )
(and the stolid street brawler Romans: LINK )
(and those crazy inventive Greeks from Syracuse!: LINK
These three armies would make a good set of Ancients to make a nice Punic Wars Campaign. Hate to see them go but my fatherly duties call...

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Bluebear Jeff said...

Think of this as an opportunity. Something similar happened to a friend of mine several years ago.

He'd always told his wife that he could sell his armies for far more than he'd paid for the lead if they really needed the money. Well it happened, and he did.

Afterwords his wife encouraged him (not that he needed encouragement) to buy and paint more lead.

As she told her friends, she knew where he was (at home painting instead of out spending money on booze and broads) and if something terrible happened it was a financial resource.

Dale replaced all of the armies he'd sold and got even more as well . . . and he didn't have to hide his purchases either.

-- Jeff