Monday, May 12, 2014

Casting Season

 It's casting season here at the Lead Gardens. The weather has "springed up" and it's perfect for getting
outside and starting on some summer casting projects. Outdoor casting has the advantage of keeping the  nasty metal fumes out of the house.

I purchased three of the new 40mm Prussian molds from Prince August. I found the new moulds to be a nice change from the sometimes awkward poses of PA figures. The apparently have listened to those of us who war-game with these big guys and need a versatile figure that will paint up to most 18th century types.

Here are the wargame friendly features of the new molds:

1. The mould will cast two figures at a time, effectively halving casting time---particularly if you go for big units (mine are established at 40 figures) I got this new unit done in about 5 hours in two sessions over a weekend.

2. The moulds have two separate heads-- the basic infantry mould has both a musketeer in tricorn heads and grenadier heads in mitre two each so casting the mould will supply the optional heads as well.  The officer, standard bearer, NCO, drummer molds have tricorn and fusilier heads. I bought all three moulds so I've got lots of spare heads now (to do a fusilier unit will take a lot of officer casting because the fusilier head only comes in the drummer mold)

3. The detail is more accurate for the Prussians.

4. The pose matches the older infantry advancing pose, though I hear they will be coming out with a march attack pose later.

5. The heads cast separately but are very easy to attach thanks to a nice sturdy peg cast on the head in conjunction with a plastic rod that is inserted into the mould before casting. This ensures that the hole for the peg in the body of the figure is perfectly sized.

 I went with a unit of grenadiers that will represent one of the units from my Imagi-nations. I have been upscaling all of those figures from my original collection of 30mm RSMs.

The only downside of the casting session was having to do a bit of vent cutting to get the heads to cast properly. That is typical of PA moulds so not a big deal really. The only thing I had real trouble with was getting the officer's sword and had to cast (it's a separate piece)…but I think it's because I use old figures for my metal and I'm guessing if I used some of PA's higher quality casting metal, it would make things easier.

I'll be posting progress on the painting of this unit soon.



WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

They look resplendent in their shiny newness. Eager to see them in their new, um, uniforms.

Best Regards,


tradgardmastare said...

I look forward to watching the unit come together...

The Good Soldier Svjek said...

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Cheers Tony

Gustavus Adolphus said...

Hello LittleJohn!

Great Blog! I like it a lot!
It is obvious that you've got experience with moulds. I've recently started myself, but I have several problems making them. Can youmaybe go to my own blog and look at my latest post where I show a picture of my failure.

Unknown said...

I did some casting a few weeks ago. I bought the new molds when they had their big sale, but haven't had a chance to use them.
What metal do you use? I have been having mixed results with the metal I have on hand.

Cluck Amok said...

Nice big toys!

I dropped by specifically to let you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award, as part of my Liebster, here:

This post also has the rules of acceptance. Carry on : )

SteveM said...

A little late with this comment - better late than never?

After a lot of emails I finally made contact with PA's sculptor, and now am credited as part of the design team. In practice what I do is advise on what figures to make and in what poses.

The poses are designed with gamers in mind, and are designed to rank up on 20x30mm bases (what I use).

The march attach pose was released last week, and it has a couple of fusilier heads in it (there was supposed to be one in with the two advancing figures)

Now an unashamed plug for my blog:

The blog is dedicated to trying to produce a range of figures for Lace Wars gamers, so let me have comments and I WILL try and take them on board.

I cast the heads and weapons in PA's posh model metal, and the bodies in scrap.


Anonymous said...

Just re-found your Blog after a long while and after reading a few posts I've made sure to bookmark it so I don't lose you again.
The 40mm figures are great and I love the paint job you have done on them.

SteveM said...

How are you getting n with the new PA figures?

The range has now expanded a fair bit, and includes Austrians and Hungarians, with Russians to follow soon.

I'm trying to raise the profile of the range though my blog, as this brings in feedback, and helps PA sell a few figures (and so the range will grow).

If you don't mind I would appreciate you adding a link to my site to try and bring in more punters?



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