Monday, September 5, 2011

Bellicose Imagi-nations!

Classic action!
Through this seemingly short summer I've managed to play a few games before the Fall term begins and my "day job" kicks in... Here are a few pics of my latest game using the great "Hearts of Tin" rules by Ross over at "Battlegame of the Month" .
Cavalry melee.
The rules were a nice change from my usual "The Wargame" rules and I really enjoyed the blend of contemporary and classic approaches that "Hearts of Tin" offers. I even tried two games using both an earlier version of the rules and the latest update that even runs smoother! For a guy who has little time to game these days, the rules are just the ticket for a fast-but-thoughtful game.

Grenadiers hold a hilltop.
Just time to post a few pics now, but hopefully will give a more thorough report of another game later this month.
Hey, where are you hussars off too?!...aren't you supposed to be covering the flank?