Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Gateway Drug

If there is an "old school" of board games PanzerBlitz must be it!
 (with some upgraded rules and counters it's not bad at all)
Here the 11th Panzer squares off with a Russian Tank Brigade

Given that I had sold most of my boardgames many years ago, and the fact that I love playing with "daddy's little men" as my son calls them. I would never have thought that board gaming resurgence would have occurred here at the Lead Gardens.

But I am here to tell you that the improbable has happened. Given that I have been unable to get any gaming or painting done for almost a year not to mention blogging, it turns out that boardgames have been the gateway drug that has brought me back from non-gaming oblivion. Since there are some great new game designs out there and many are quick to set up and play, I have used them to get back on the horse ….and now after a crazy couple of months of buying and re-collecting some of the classic titles, and even attending a boardgames con in nearby Charlottesville VA,  I have now started to eye my miniatures with renewed interest.

I'm about to order some of the new Prince August Seven Years War moulds now that summer is approaching and some outdoor casting sessions are becoming possible and hopefully soon some new units to paint.

Thanks to everyone who contacted me about my return to blogging and I'm really enjoying getting to look at all your great blogs again.

(The PB counters and Variant Rules can be found here and here)