Saturday, March 2, 2013

Back to the Front

It seems that I have been skulking in the rear here at the Lead Gardens, since my last post on Dec. 22!? ... a age ago in blogging terms. So I've resolved to quit paying so much attention to work, family and career and get back to what really matters—pushing great masses of lead around around "the Green Mile"!
I hasn't been all work over the past few months and I did get bitten by the Wings of Glory bug to the tune of a few hundred bucks...(psst...don't tell the missus...)
Jasta 37's new machines just arrived at the front. These Albatri are destined for a repaint to make a complete unit.
and my son and I have been shooting each other's spindly crates down for the past few weeks with reckless and delighted abandon.
Though mostly it's been mine that have been shot up. The added cool of having the option of playing the game solo using the excellent solo AI from Richard Bradley (herkybird) has made the game all the more seductive. The Richard's solo AI charts are available for free on the Tyneside Wargame Club site.

For me, the best part about jumping into a new gaming period is the reading and the free offerings on Google Books of out of print texts on WWI flying have been keeping me up nights into the wee hours.
So as usual, it's the too many projects, but what the hell it's fun madness here at the Lead Gardens.