Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pinned Down!

It's been almost a month since any posts here at the Lead Gardens and I think I'm having to admit to being "pinned down" by real life. It seems I've also hit the painting wall and have not picked up a brush in earnest for a good while now. I think we all get to this place at some point in our hobby, and it's not much fun, but hopefully the barrage will end and the troops can get moving again.

Or maybe I should just call in the big guns...


Fitz-Badger said...

Yeah, I think anyone who has been in the hobby for any length of time has been there. I think it usually sorts itself out. Sometimes for me it helps to do something different for a bit, whether it's building some terrain, playing some games, taking on a smaller project in an era/genre that I've long been interested in but never got around to (especially something that can be "completed" in a reasonable amount of time, sort of the "game in a box" idea).

Guidowg said...

Hang in there mate, I'm positive you'll wade through this slow period. I usually get it every year with the onset of summer. Mmmm beer, warm weather and fishing, which is an excuse to drink the beer!!

Anyway, personally I find my inspiration to get back into painting generally comes from watching a good movie or more often than not from a historical novel.

You'll be back. Cheers.

legatus hedlius said...

I know the feeling. Actually got an hour done this morning which is the first painting in weeks and weeks.

I agree with Guidowg about a novel or film. Just read To Do and Die by Patrick Mercer about the Crimean War and have just sent in an order for a few figures. Actually looking forward to them!