Thursday, May 3, 2012

When the Cat's Away the Mice Will Play

Who says girls can't be wargamers!...My wife is out of town this weekend and my little daughter was game for a "daddy set up", so once again I laid out a small 40mm homecast battle just because we could. Here are some pics we took of the battle (but no report...just pics to enjoy) we didn't finish the battle but were able to play a few turns before "girlie" had to go to bed. She calls the cavalry "farm animals" and wants to put them all in the farm compound.

The Mighty 12th Foot

These are the historical Prussian Puttkamer Hussars re-purposed as Konigreich der Bleherzen Hussars

The Lorraine Regiment with grenadiers on the right.

4th Horse (the "Black Horse")

The Grand Duchess' body guard of uhlanen...flamboyant fellows!

Initial cavalry fight

right before the clash

Infantry advance

cavalry approach a melee

The Royal Artillery ever accurate...

a "Barry Lyndon" moment except the sides are reversed...

The Lorraine Regiment


WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Yet more fantastic looking troops, but that first photo of your daughter at the top of your post is priceless!

Best Regards,

tradgardmastare said...

Excellent looking troops and a super photo of your daughter. My three girls are mid to late teens and have volunteered to make scenary/paint figures for me this summer and ( unlike me) they are talented artists. Can't be bad eh?

joppy said...

Can't start them too young, I say. Lovely photos and a beautiful little girl. Mine is now 30, and refers to my hobby as 'Daddy's Porn'

Anonymous said...

Prinz Ulrich beat me to my own thoughts! Excellent pics!

Mark Dudley said...
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Mark Dudley said...

You are never too young to start playing with soldiers.

Both my 6 year old son and soon to be 4 year old daughter play with my Prince August figures. Two coats of gloss helps protect them from grubby fingers

James said...

Nicely done.
Perhaps the Eureka SYW Teddy Bears to form her own army?

MurdocK said...

Great that she is 'in the game!'

Maybe you could adjust the game to match her needs and next time the men need to corral the animals?

Great castings and fabulous for you to be able to involve your little one!