Friday, November 27, 2009

Colonial Landing Party

After a busy November of traveling and family get togethers, I'm finally getting quieted down enough to contemplate finishing a British landing party for my Sudan collection. These fellows have been in progress for a few months now and its time to get them loaded on to my Nile gunboats (to appear in the next post). I'm using a 10-12 figure per company organization so the force seen here on the tray are 2 companies of Royal Marines and 2 companies of Naval Brigade "bluejackets" two bluejacket gun crews with 2 deck mounted Maxims and 2 Nordenfelt MGs all in various stages of near completion. I'm planning on leaving the bases plain tan so they match the gunboat decks as well as blend in reasonably well with the desert surface of my table. Along with these I'm painting up 2 mounted British Colonels to command the Brits in battle. All these figures are Old Glory 25/28mm. The Marines in grey are converted Spanish colonial regulars from Old Glory as well...they work well for units in long pants (like the Rifle Brigade and Royal Marines in the Sudan)

Naval Brigade Bluejackets

I think I'm going to have to name this stout fellow Sgt. Pepper....or maybe Ringo!

Naval Brigade Machine gun.

British Colonels

Royal Marines (faces yet to be completed)

I'm hoping to complete these all in the next few days and have a colonial game up and running before Christmas.


Fitz-Badger said...

Nice work! "Ringo" could also pass for Capt. Haddock. :)

Looking at posts like this, as well as other blogs, such as the excellent "Adventures of General Pettygree", and re-watching old movies about the Colonial period is tempting me to do some Colonials... some day... :)

Anonymous said...