Friday, January 23, 2009

Return to ECW Horse...and Another Skirmish

A new troop of 40mm ECW to bolster my Parliamentarian Horse. I'm planning to take my time with these guys and try a bit more shading and highlighting. I have the figures now for 3 new horse units so I think I'll be doing a 2 squadron regiment after this is done. Something to keep Rupert's Horse at bay.

Taking it slow though after an intense holiday season. I'm also expecting any day now a batch of new RSMs to get my Grolstein infantry brigade underway. I'm using Hanoverian castings and probably going with orange-red coats...but trying to do something a little different to distinguish them from historical Hanoverians. I also ordered a few Eastern "exotics" ...i.e. mamlukes/pandours to add to the Duchess' host.

I also set up the scenario (in my last post) and giving it a run through with my 18th century stuff. a few pics shown here:

Colonel Gerlach leads from the front ...again! (his coat was holed in the early going...) he seems foolhardy in the extreme...those saving throws can only get you so far!

Mercenary grenz (die roten Teufel!) in the service of the Duchess hold the church yard in Schermissel.

Grolstein cuirassiers set to charge!

Bleiherzen reinforcements arrive...Erbprinz von Kluge Fusilier Regiment supporting the cavalry raid across the border.


Fitz-Badger said...

Can we look forward to more pics and a battle report maybe?

I'm so tempted to do some ECW troops. Hmm, maybe I could start with a unit or 2 (1 cavalry, 1 infantry) and use them as Duchy of Grand Thidwick troops...

abdul666 said...

A mouth-watering glimpse -but eye-candy already- at a pleasant 'tricorns' action!

Fitz, for us Lace Wars aficionados, ECW troops look like a bunch of Hamishs / Quakers...

Stokes Schwartz said...

That's an interesting looking battle you have going there. And I never tire of looking closely at your buildings.

Best REgards,


tradgardmastare said...

Cool game - love the buildings too.

tradgardmastare said...

What ECW rules do you favour ?

tidders said...

Interesting 18C action, is there a battle report to come ?

-- Allan