Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Characters Arrive!

...a seriously outrageous hat...

RSM Austrian Genadier on the right Blue Moon civilian on the left and in the background...

the Compté Du Gas and his assistant Jean lugging their drawing and surveying equipment.

RSM grenadier on the left...the height is right...but the 28mm characters have that "heroic style" heft...

Inspired by the wonderful posts on Emperor vs Elector (especially the vignettes of tidders' "The Kingdom of Wittenberg" blog), I've now started a civilian "program" for my 18th century nations. I just received a nice box of 18th century character figures (Duelists and Swashbucklers" from "Blue Moon Designs" (shipped with the usual blazing speed from Old Glory USA). The figures are beautiful Bob Naismith sculptures and are just right for 28mm but are also fine for my 25mm RSMs because I think its cool to have characters at a slightly larger scale than the bulk of the rank and file. That way when I acquire a few Willie and Tradition 30mm hopefully will work as well. I'm posting a few comparison posts of the raw castings with an RSM Austrian Grenadier (got a fresh shipment of RSM's yesterday as well...from Rich at Dayton Painting Consortium...the RSM Valhalla!).

I had some time this evening to do a little converting with "green stuff" and made a figure to repesent Compté Du Gas, King Wilhelm's newly appointed Cartographer and Visiting Minister of Military Affairs to the Armeé des Königreich der Bleiherzen and his faithful assistant, the young Jean Lefebvre, who is invariably tasked with lugging the Compté's precious surveying instruments over hill and dale. The two can often be seen traversing the fields and forests of the Königsreich preparing for the defense of the realm.

The two lady figures in the box are very nice as well, though I think the dresses are later 18th century (Empire period) and I will probably make them more voluminous for the mid 18th period...particulary since the Duchess enjoys not an inconsiderable bit of fluffiness!

I'll be working to figure out how to convert the dueling figures (in back) but you never know what may transpire in the complicated world of the 18th century!

I'm also lucky to have another batch of civilians en route from Eureka I feel rich at the moment!

And finally this evening I ordered the "Gentleman's Coach" from Blue Moon based on the strength of these figures.

and Paypal account is screaming!!! :0

...I'm truly obsessed with this hobby!...Help Me!!


Bluebear Jeff said...

I need to get some civilians too . . . but I don't want them to dwarf my RSMs.

Could you please post some true side-by-side photos?

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

I enjoy painting character figures for my collection. Looks like those Blue Moon minis might fit in fine with my Foundry figures. I've been thinking about getting some and this may push that thought forward.

Nice work on the conversions! I've been looking at some of my figures trying to see if any would make good cartographers.

tradgardmastare said...

I must get some they are superb...

tidders said...

drool, drool, lovely figures.
I'll be ordering some soon - C/Card bill will expand, oh dear

I like the surveyor conversions

-- Allan

Snickering Corpses said...

We're entirely the wrong group of people to ask for help on addiction ;)

But they do indeed look lovely. Nice to see them in raw form, as the painted versions on Blue Moon's site were lovely.