Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Party's (close to) Over...

The Long Christmas Break is one of the nice perks of being an academic...but unfortunately even it must end. I am back to serious work next week so today was my last day of being able to paint and game at leisure. So I decided to go out with a productive bang by "finally" making the bridges that I have needed for a long while. I built them up out of foamcore board and a quick paintjob and drawn stone joints and I had three bridges (1 large, 2 small) ready for future ECW or 18th century battles.

My little guy and I played a bit with them after dinner this evening using some plastic medieval figures from an out of print boardgame called "Lionheart" that I bought 3 of copies of a couple of years ago on ebay for just such an occasion. The figures are actually pretty good and they have slotted bases so the hits can be removed. I broke them out this evening when my little guy wanted to play with daddy's new bridges. Fortunately the foamcore bridges are more or less indestructable so it was a non-stressful kid-dad moment on the dining table!

I was also most honored to go over to check out the Emperor and Elector blog and suprised to see that one of my ImagiNations had received honors from the Reich Duchy of Sax Beerstein....and...well... I'll drink to that right this minute!

And finally...since my son and I were in serious "making stuff" mode, we cooked up a pretty cool spaceship from a cardboard paper towel tube... that unfortunately punched a hole in mommy's nice paper lamp in the living room... rock on ;) !


Bluebear Jeff said...

Great bridges and it sounds like you're getting your son started right.

How old is he anyway?

-- Jeff

Martin said...

Lampshades can be replaced, but the memories you created with your son will last a lifetime!

Stokes Schwartz said...

What a neat looking bridge -- and the spaceship isn't half bad either. Funny what a nice glass or two of wine will do! Have a good semester.

Best Regards,


Fitz-Badger said...

Once again, nice work! I love the bridges!

tidders said...

Nice bridges, you must have a steady hand to draw on all that stonework so nicely - I am lazy and use printed stone paper.

-- Allan

tradgardmastare said...

Bridge looks great and I really enjoyed the knights too. Hope you have a fine return to work.
best wishes

littlejohn said...

..."little" littlejohn is 3 years old and is showing a LOT of interest in "daddys little I'm trying to give him stuff that is not toxic or breakable. But he has painted a figure or two already!