Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ambush At Temmel

situation at start...

turn 1: Jagers and Grenz go toe to toe...

I got the "itch" today to have a go with my newly painted 18th c. units so I've used the Table Top Teaser in "The Wargame Companion" on which to base a small game.

The published scenario, "The Wagon Train" is here adapted to working up a scrap between my fictitious nations Bleiherzen and Grolstein. Here is the situation adapted to my forces:

A Bleiherzener column escorting a herd of horses destined for Prussian service are ambushed by a force of Grenz and Hussars in the service of the Duchess of Grolstein raiding just over the border (an 8 mile incursion). The Grolsteiner column is comprised of Colonel Ludger von Pfuhlstein's Regiment of Musketeers and Colonel Willie Gerlach's Jagers plus the all important Horse Herd (represented on the table by 4 RSM gun limbers and drivers).

Entering on turn one, (at the opposite end of the table), to meet the column is the Erbprinz Fusilier Regiment von Kluge called up from their cantonment in the nearby village of Gruntsig. Having just celebrated (the locals say to excess...) their parade of a few days past, they are impressively arriving on "turn" one...a testament to the efforts of their Colonel, the Erprinz von Kluge. He is known for his strict discipline and his eager youthful vigor but will he fulfill his promise in his first battle?

The incursion of Grolsteiners is led by the dashing Commandant of the Duchess of Grolstein's light troops, Colonel Miervaldis Huebbe. Huebbe is known for his tactical brilliance but is something of a problem for the Grolstein upper echelons, since he is given to initiating over the border raids such as this...( a minor diplomatic problem at best...) ...without orders from higher ups, but he is tolerated because of his current favor with the Duchess. As she is often is heard to remark, " he excites me"...and so the battle begins.

...some game notes: I'm thinking I need some way to better mark morale breaks on the table....RSM does not make casualty figures so I think some creative thinking is in order...the rules I'm using are Charles Grant ("The Wargame) rules with some minor adjustments for solo play.


Stokes Schwartz said...

That's a neat looking game you had there!

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Fitz-Badger said...

Nice start!

tidders said...

Nice looking skirmish

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