Saturday, January 31, 2009

Battle Maps

The excellent cartographers (and supernaturally fast!...) over in Bleiherzen send us today a map showing the location of the the recent winter battles. (The countries are experiencing an unusually warm winter season and thus the military activity at the borders is more pronounced.)

My table dimensions are indicated by the rectangles. Each grid square is 4 miles on the large map but for games the distances are scaled down by a factor of around 1:15 thus making the game scale 1"=10 yards workable...and that's about as far as I take "worries" about actual ground scale vs game scale, etc....which is not very far at all!

I'm using Adobe Illustrator for the mapping and finding the layer capabilities really great for keeping up with movements, troop locations and such. I can just turn them on or off as needed. This image is just a screen shot selected from the large map. Zooming in is accomplished without loosing image quality I think because Illustrator is a "vector based" graphic program...but don't ask me why this is...

January engagements zoomed...

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