Saturday, October 27, 2012

More Musings on Gridded Games

 Taking advantage of having my table all set up for a somewhat abstract gridded game, gave me an opportunity to try out Ross's "Hats of Tin" rules 
 I reset my "WWII Italy" terrain and set up a two on one battalion attack scenario using Ross' rules. They worked well after I had made a few mistakes initially. I'm still trying all these rules using my weird "made in China" plastic-generic WWII/Modern collection.
The "Hats of Tin" rules worked just fine but I changed the initiative D6 rolls rule to go something like:   Each battalion command unit got a D6 roll and applied it to units under its command...and the overall CinC could additionally order one unit. This is a rule change from "Hats of Tins" that worked better for the scale of units I was using...(three stands =a company...9 stands= a battalion).

The approach of having units take 3 hits before being eliminated worked better than the "old school" "one hit eliminates" Morshauer basic rules approach and I was able to enjoy a longer and more complex battle with the rules.

The really fun part of having to "cobble" together some plastic wargames armies for these experimental games....was that just today I found a place on the web where I could purchase 292 plastic minis from China for $12.95 USD!??...the really odd thing was that a quarter of the figures are pretty cool sci-fi infantry and the other are WWII vintage. I'll post a review if this turns out to be good...

I'm still looking for a way to get cheap plastic armor into these games...though the "Plastic Soldier Company" 15mm stuff might work well for this scale of game.

I'm really enjoying the "quick-tiny game approach" seems to fit my busy life these days....

...and finally, I'm contemplating heading up to "Fall In" this coming weekend. It's been forever since I attended a gaming convention, so I am thinking I'm overdue for the opportunity!


tradgardmastare said...

Hope the convention went/goes well.I will be interested to hear more of your chinese plastic bargain...

tradgardmastare said...
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Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

I would be interested to hear how you get on with the Big Board version of PW:M as I think that they would appeal to you.

The cheap minis sound ideal for this sort of game ... and I look forward to hearing more about them.

All the best,


Ross Mac said...

Glad they worked ok. That's actually pretty close to what I used for command dice, 1 per battalion commander equivalent except that I added 1 automatic for each company (platoon in my case) commander. If I bigger forces I'd probably do the same

I have lucked into a few dollar store tanks, & trucks occasionally but they are rare and usually conveniently underscale. The old Marx accessories in their 54mm sets used to be closer to 30mm size. You might find 15mm a bit small but 20mm should work ok in the right spirit. I did find this site

and some good ebay deals with lots of $store tanks.

I'm going to be at Cold Wars again this year. Hopefully you'll enjoy Fall In enough to come back :)


Bill said...

The Zvezda plastic 15mm tanks are pretty good for the money. Only about $3.50 each USD and they snap together with no glue.

Sean said...

I could have sworn I commented on this post. Looks cool and I'm interested to see how your 100 men for 12.95 look. @Ross Mac, Thanks for the link. I'm firmly in the 20mm camp and it might be worth 5.99 to try these figures.

Peter Douglas said...


I tried your link to the tutorial on buildings and got bounced because I "didn't have permission". Any advice on how to get there?

And I too say that the ridges are wonderful!