Friday, October 19, 2012

Two Gridded Games: Part 2

The Americans approach the outskirts of San Lorenzo
 Knowing that In my second gridded game this week that my table size might stretch "The Portable Wargame" rules a bit far, I decided to play them with doubled range and movement distances. I think this did not affect the game unduly and gave a sense of the game's scale (a battalion level attack on a town) that was similar to my last game using slightly altered Memoir 44 rules.
Under heavy fire the GI's advance. This time US armour tries to outflank the town rather than drive headlong down the main street
 In this game both side put all their initiative "eggs" in one basket and devoted their moves and firing to the struggle around the town...the units on the ridge never moved in the game though some mortar rounds were exchanged to no effect.
Still they lose a tank unit to Panzerfaust  fire from heavily defended buildings
 One change I made to the rules was the addition of infantry AT markers that are added (single figures with an AT weapon) to a square allowing infantry in the same square to destroy tanks at half range (in this game, two squares). Normally infantry and MGs are not allowed to destroy armor at a distance.
Also I used my "heroic leader figure" rule that allowed a single leader figure "stacked" in the same square as an infantry unit to call for a re-roll of the opponent's hit die and regardless of the second outcome the leader must roll a d6 less than 4 to survive the "heroic moment". That rule actually worked to the German's advantage when one of their company commander's got a good re-roll negating a hit on a significant unit...unfortunately the next turn the unit was destroyed and the leader as well so the "Amis" captured the town by result of a series of good rolls in the final turns.

Again, the "Portable Wargame" and M44 prove that complex can be simple if designed correctly!


Robert (Bob) Cordery said...

Yet another excellent battle report!

I like some of the changes you have made, especially the introduction of an Infantry Anti-tank capability. The is somewhat lacking in my current draft of PW:M and I will need to cover this in a future draft. Your suggestion sounds like an ideal solution ... so those Russians had better watch out if my Germans get given some Panzerfausts!

All the best,


Ross Mac said...

Two interesting games. I like the subtle grid. My hex grid was supposed to be subtle.....

Anyway, having decided that making a full table's worth of hex terrain is more work than I to do, I've been meaning to experiment more with squares. Grist has been added to that mill. Thanks.

Steven Page said...

I, too, like the Infantry Anti-tank modification. I will try it out in my next game.

Your Spanish Buildings look great!