Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Where's That Beeswax in the Ears When You Need It!

Them si-reeens done loved him up and t-t-turned him into a toad!!!
 So I succumbed to the siren song from "Warlord" minis and started in on a set of 28mm WWII "Bolt Action" figures (sitting around here at Lead Gardens unpainted and more importantly un-assembled since last Christmas) on the strength of the "Bolt Action" rules I recently bought. The rules, on first read, seem like they will be fun and just the ticket for some quick casual solo play since the dice activation/order mechanic will serve nicely in taking some control of the game away from me.
BUT oh, the humanity!... those multipart figures are a pain to assemble! So after several sessions of trimming gluing and general cussing, I managed to finish a three squad platoon of Germans. Next up is the Russians and thank heaven for metal figures!  Now granted I do love the variations you get in the figures from all those loose little legs and arms and tiny weapons and heads when they finally come together. (...though I wish the rifles were a bit more robust even if it meant a bit overscaled) and at least the hard part is over.

The other mere "glint in daddy's eye" here these days is the new SAGA rules for dark age skirmish combined with the beautiful Sash and Saber 40mm dark age minis. Though I'll have to sell something...maybe a afford the special dice. (Yes just kidding, I can make some homemade ones I suppose...)


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Amen brother.. I hear your pain... at least Airfix figures came ready assembled! :o)

Phil Broeders said...

That's why I stick with 6mm. No sticking bits on. Indeed, bits fall off and no-one notices!

Jiminho said...

I skipped the dice. I just write the number I was looking for on a scrap of paper and BINGO you're set!

legatus hedlius said...

I've just bought the rules too as a complete impulse buy and now I'm thinking of fast tracking my early war British.

Be interested to see your progress!

Mark Dudley said...

I also have got a copy of the Bolt Action rules last week and I am now rebasing over 100 28mm D Day figures on 2 pence pieces.

I have a 28mm collection for East Africa in 1941 which will also get an outing with these rules

The rules look straight forward and I hope to be able to encourage my son to have a go.