Thursday, April 21, 2011


Some in progress pics of a unit of Waziri Pathans. I just did a white spray undercoat and a simple wash of Citadel "Delvan Mud" to tone down the white..followed by dark red and blue turbans and dark red and pink sashes. I used the Pathan color guide found on the Yahoo Colonial Wars group. I'm going with consistent sashes to distinguish 20 man units but turbans and trousers will vary as well as shields and such. These are Jacklex 20mm with a 25mm Ral Partha Dervish standard bearer mixed in. Again I'm really happy with the Jacklex figures in that they are quick to paint, but I'm looking forward to some units of Ral Parthas as well. In all, some real Colonial excitement to kick off the summer...and then there is the second Lead Gardens summer project on the way as well...hmmmm...what could it be...stay tuned my friends!

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