Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mission Drift

Ok, so I was basing up some 20mm Jacklex Pathans and I remembered I had some classic Ral Partha "true 25s" in a box somewhere...in my "stuff"...my wife accuses me of being a "hoarder"...but nonetheless, I dug up some Ral Partha standard bearers and put them next to my new Jacklex Pathans, and lo and behold!...not much difference in scale (just as Jeff predicted in my last post...). So now I'm thinking..."I really used to enjoy Ral Partha colonials, and a quick check over at "Great Endeavors"
and I was swallowed up in new ideas about my colonial project...Oh! the humanity! My worst fears are confirmed...I really am now thinking Ral Parthas true 25s might be the "True Way" for colonials...

...and maybe, just maybe I can use these Jacklex as well...as long as I don't get too scrupulous about scale. But after all, I have found that the Jacklex stuff varies greatly between 20mm and 24mm even within the line. But the classic Ral Parthas have really got me thinking...


Bluebear Jeff said...


Don't just place an order for those Ral Parthas yet.

Look at the "Subscriptions" section first (it is in the column to the left below "Pre-painted Units").

With subscriptions you can then purchase existing figures for HALF PRICE!!!

Let me tell you, sir, THAT is the way to go (I'm getting near the end of my second "Super Subscription").

And, yes, these Tom Meier sculpted figures are very nice . . . and you can't beat the price.

-- Jeff

littlejohn said...

Thanks for the great tip, I just went ahead and got 2 subscriptions--the crouching Pathan and the Afghan regular figure. That half price sweetens the deal immensely!
The exchange rate and shipping on the Jacklex line to the US makes them a bit pricey.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Here's a direct link for others who might be interested:


-- Jeff

Brigadier Dundas said...

Following your new work with interest. Love the Ral Parthas myself. Wonder if you could post a comparison shot of the Ral Parthas with the Jacklex. If the limbers work then there's a way to add transport to the RP line.