Saturday, April 30, 2011

Second Summer Project

Sash and Saber Yanks (in the background Old Glory yanks and rebs...and the flags are still unfinished)
The second project in the works here at the Lead Gardens is a bit of a commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War. This summer's Historicon is taking on the ACW as it's theme, and since I've been sitting on a large pile of older Old Glory castings I got off ebay 8 (?!) years ago, plus a batch of new Sash and Saber 25mm to round it out, I thought it was a good time to get this collection started.

The goal is to have about a brigade on each side with supporting guns and cav painted up in a month or so.
Old Glory Rebs
I already have a start and last week I was able to complete the first unit of Sash and Saber (which match Old Glory very well both in sculpting style and height). This weekend I'm hoping to finish another unit of S&S Rebs.
Sash and Saber Rebs underway
I'm basing them in units of 20 figures so I can use them with a number of rules (primarily Fire and Fury, with the option of going 'Classic" with Featherstone Horse and Musket or some such.) I'm basing them with 4 figures in two ranks on 40mm square bases, 5 bases to a regiment. The fifth base will be further broken down into a base of 2 (40x20) and 2 singles (20x20) so I can do both stand removal as in F&F or go old school with individual casualty removal if necessary. Thus the standard 5 base regiment will count as 10 stands in F&F, or 20 figures in "classic" mode.

I watched the Ken Burns film Gettysburg, (the whole three some odd hours!) just to get into the mood...despite the film's legendary "exceptionally well-fed Reb reenactors", and martin Sheen's odd rendition of a southern accent, the film's depiction of the fight on Little Round Top and Pickett's charge is stunning and accurate. ...and who can forget Buford (played by Sam Eliot) growling to his cavalry commanders at the beginning of the battle, "Keep a clear eye!"


Der Alte Fritz said...

Actually Gettysburg was directed by Ron Maxwell and funded by Ted Turner. Ken Burns did the 12 part series that was shown on public television in the US.

Have you checked out the new 2nd Generation ACW figs from Old Glory? They are supposed to be very good and similar to S&S figures. Good luck with your ACW project. It sounds like fun

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

They look really great! Both Gettysburg and Ken Burns documentary are superb. I personally think Mr. Burns documentary on the ACW to be the best ever war documentary.
F & F is probably the best set of rules for ACW,but can be rather daunting in the miniature count at 28mm. Another good rule set is Guns at Gettysburg by General de Brigade:


littlejohn said...

Fritz, thanks for that correction, I had always mistakenly thought it was Burns...just 'cause I wasn't paying attention so good ;)

Christopher, I'm getting around the minis count by assuming a base of four figures is actually 2 "stands" in the game in double line...for extended formation the stands just get spaced out, that way a 10 stand regiment will be just 20 figures in 25/28mm as opposed to 30 in 15mm. Still though painting up those big figures after my usual RSM 25s is just a bit more complicated...but at least I can see them.