Thursday, April 14, 2011

20mm Colonials: The Gallant 92nd!

I had a bit of time this afternoon to base up and prime my first unit of British colonial infantry for "The 20mm Project". This first unit will be the 92nd Highland regiment. I'm thinking this colonial collection will be painted circa 1878-1888 with some loose interpretations of history in order to bring the Russians into conflict with England over mountainous border areas inhabited by wild hillmen who may turn coats at a moments notice....and more importantly allow me the liberty to paint a few units in scarlet, to give the whole collection a bit of character as well.

The Jacklex figures are really "charming" and look right for a semi-historical game. Here is the first test Highlander in scarlet: you can see, a very basic figure but nice animation...shown here before facial detail, buttons or gloss overcoat.
I have a feeling that these Jacklex will be great as the whole collection gets onto the table en masse. This stout fellow is mounted on a 5/8" diameter washer so I can mount units on sabot stands later if I want and it gives these smaller figures some heft. I wanted to have a few units in scarlet since the time period I've chosen spans the changeover from scarlet serge to khaki.

I'm now trying to figure out how to convert colonial Egyptians into Ghurkas...but the Jacklex Egyptians are cast with a "havelock" sunshield on the I'll have to "get my creative on!" but that's half the fun!


Bluebear Jeff said...

The Gordon Highlanders are one of my favorites too. Cuff color when in scarlet is yellow, if I recall correctly.

I'm using Ral Partha "small 25s" for my Colonials . . . so they aren't much larger than your 20s.

And I'm also painting a mix of red and khaki (and some a mix of both -- red coats over khaki pants -- I figure that supplies, especially on the NWF dribbled in). It might not be absolutely historical, but it really helps differentiate units from each other.

-- Jeff

PS, I'll be using TSATF rules, what about you?

Ross Mac said...

ah The Gordon's, one can see these laddies charging up the Dargai Heights.

Have you considered RussoJapanese Japanese as a basis for Ghurkas? Looks like it would just be a matter of scratching off the peak,