Monday, April 11, 2011

More Summer Project Images

 Now that I have resolved, ie. (paid for) more picture space.....The Jacklex RHA gun and limber laid out and ready for assembly

 I found my son's lego briks came in handy as jigs for gluing everything up...

 ...looking good...


I decided to go with a basic block painting approach over a black undercoat (appropriate for a vintage figure).

The first coats...

...and some images of the finished gun and limber...with that all important groovy shiny overcoat!

 The figures seated on the gun are removable so I can use the gun deployed for soon as I get the crew painted up!

I'll keep updating as the project progresses...I Love This Hobby!!!...Huzza!!!


Ross Mac said...

What a great project! I`ve always wanted a 4.7`gun drawn by oxen and used to look at the Jacklex ads.

Check out Reviresco for some odds and bits as well. He does 1 72nd as well as 28mm

Anyway they look great.

Prinz Ulrich von Boffke said...

Agreed! Very pretty figures and horse team.

Best Regards,


A J said...

Excellent result, sir! So many artillery pieces seem to move across the table with no visible means of propulsion. Good to see the vital limbers represented.