Monday, April 18, 2011

20mm Colonials: The Gallant 92nd! Finished!

Finished a company of the 92nd today! My rules of choice for colonials are "The Sword and the Flame", so these first 20 will be one "platoon". TSATF is a really scalable ruleset so I'm going to  to treat these 20 figures as a company if need be, or, if necessary split them up into two 10 figure companies and the rules will still give good service (there is even the 8 figure unit "Fatoso Variant" which works great as well). I also completed the crew for the RHA battery....

These Jacklex castings paint up in a flash and give a nice vintage toy soldier look that I'm going for with this collection. The tartans on the Gordon's hopefully are (mostly) correct, but given the smaller 20mm scale, I'm at the limit of my patience and eyesight as to accuracy.

But these lads look like they are ready to storm the pass!

Next come the first tribe of Pathans (the dreaded Waziri's of the Khyber!)


Fitz-Badger said...

Looking good! (20mm would be a bit small for me to paint these days)

What, may I ask, is the "Fatoso Variant"? I have the TSATF rules and even played a bit ages ago, but I don't recall a variant for 8 figure units.

Bluebear Jeff said...

Your Gordon's look good . . . and remember, they served in South Africa and the Sudan as well as in India.

Your tartan is fine . . . at wargaming distances there is enough of a plaid to work . . . and THAT is all that matters.

-- Jeff

littlejohn said...

Thanks Guys,
The variant is pretty simple and you can find it at the TSATF yahoo group along with lots of other variants...and best of all it's brief!

1. Unit Sizes: These scenarios use smaller units than traditional Sword and the Flame. Infantry units have 7 soldiers and 1 leader figure. Cavalry have 5 soldiers and 1 leader figure. Artillery has 2 figures, each figure counting for 2 firing dice.

2. Stragglers: Since units are smaller the “straggle die” is reduced. When an infantry unit charges roll one d6. 1-2 = One Straggler, 3-4 = Two Stragglers, 5 = Three Stragglers, 6 = No Stragglers.

3. Officer Pistol Rule: Do not use the officer pistol rule. Count the officer as having a rifle. If your group really likes the officer pistol rule feel free to use it, but we have found that a game with 8 figure units works a little better without it.

4. Movement: Cavalry move 5d6 and charge 6d6. Artillery move 3d6 and not firing or 1d6 and fire.

Fitz-Badger said...

Ah, thanks! I should have known there was a Yahoo group. I've only started to look at getting back into Colonial gaming (as a nice break from the 18th century stuff).

littlejohn said...


Yes there is an active yahoo TSTAF group and you might also check out the "colonial wars" group as well...much good info there and TSATF figures prominently there as well.