Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tunisian Interlude

American recon platoon waits in an orchard in ambush positions...

the Germans advance in halftracks...

M4s easily deal with German armoured cars...

German recon infantry dismounts to close on the bridge...

a roof top bazooka team earns it's pay by knocking out a MkIV

recon team of the "Big Red 1"

Some pics today of a small 15mm WWII battle somewhere in Tunisia using Flames of War Rules. The scenario is based on a C. S. Grant Bridge Demolition scenario from his "Scenarios for All Ages" book with an American recon platoon supported by a GMC halftracked tank destroyer defending a party of engineers tasked with blowing a critical bridge. The German kampfgruppe has to take the bridge before that happens. The demolition charges take 6 turns to set and the Americans have another 6 turns after the charge is set to get their force safely across before the engineers are ordered to destroy the bridge. The Americans also have a platoon of 3 Shermans that arrive as reinforcements based on a D6 throw. (They arrived on turn 4 ).

German Mk IVs advance

damn those bazookas!

The American TD knocked out 2 Mk IVs before they destroyed it. Then another MkIv was knocked out by bazooka fire before the German tank platoon lost heart and withdrew. That left the armored cars and infantry to try for the bridge. The Sherman platoon arrived to stop the armored cars....and the Americans started to escape across the bridge. Despite the rapidly closing germans the Americans got everyone across before blowing the bridge on turn 10 to win the game.

BOOM!!!...up goes the bridge!

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