Thursday, May 14, 2009

ECW Campaign: MkII

(warning: this map is still under construction and has lots of errors... : posted 5/16/09)

I'm posting today the revised map for my new ECW campaign. It's still being tweaked, but this version has major towns showing. I'm working out rules such that a side can control an entire county unless the major town is held by the opposing side in which case the county will only be counted for 1/2 victory points, (rounded down). So in time some seige battles will result. This map will be posted monthly to record the campaign in addition to battle reports. Based on curent results the Parliamentary forces have a 2-1 lead so far this month in three battles over the forces of the King,... (Pewsey Vale and a large battle for fortified positions), Though they scored an important early victory at Powick Bridge, the Royalists were defeated in two subsequent battles by overwhelming Parliamentary numbers.


Bluebear Jeff said...

I do wish that the map were larger . . . my old eyes can't make out the names of anything.

-- Jeff

littlejohn said...

Jeff, I'll figure out how to get the pdf put up so you can download the full size file.
I've been meaning to put several files of ECW stuff (cards and such) up as well so this is a good reason to get started.


tidders said...

Nice idea for the map and the campaign. Will need to quite a bit of research - mistakes are easy to make if you don't know the UK.

I must do something similar for small campaign in Wiltshire.

A couple of points on your map Poole is in Dorset. For Hampshire you may need to put in Southampton.

Would you like me to provide you with some principle towns/cities ? I can add them as an extra comment to this post.

-- Allan

littlejohn said...

That would be a great help as I don't have a good way to spot the towns within the historic counties, and I've got a bunch of different maps that have differing "key" cities...all of which is somewhat confusing.


Major Wittering said...

Great idea on the map. Somehow, though, Yorkshire (my county!) has become Suffolk.
You'll probably want York in Yorkshire (The Great Seige and Marston Moor).

andygamer said...
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andygamer said...

You'll probably want York in Yorkshire (The Great Seige and Marston Moor).Aye, squire.

And the Not By Appointment [NBA] blog has map symbols that you might find useful for your map.
(Although I think they look a bit on the Continental side rather than English/British.)

littlejohn said...

Thanks to everyone for the helpful comments...I'll head back to the drawing board (screen) on the map and post a revised version as soon as I can.

David said...

I have lots of material on the ECW (one of my favourite periods) so, like Allan, if I can help with information, I'll be glad to do so. As he says, your map's a good start. :-)