Saturday, May 9, 2009

Powick Bridge: A Short Sharp Action

A short post to finish the Powick Bridge battle...itself a short sharp action with the Royalists duplicating their historic victory. The scenario is a tough one for the Roundheads due to the severe tactical deficit they are initially saddled with (the hedges and the bridge keep them from deploying their numbers). The "Victory Without Quarter" rules worked well except in this fight there was a need to adjust the card driven orders to allow the Parliamentarians to advance down a road in a column of several units, so I have written a "tertio advance" rule that essentially allows an entire brigade that has not taken or issued fire to move all on the brigadiers card. I also think a "passing fire" rule should be available to foot that is not "unloaded" to fire a volley at units passing across their fire zone. I found it was possible for the cavalry to march down the road without getting fire from the dragoons posted along the hedges depending on the card draw...which would be a bit too ahistorical. The battle took a scale hour and 15 minutes to complete I think about right for that size battle.

dragooons issue fire


Fitz-Badger said...

I just finished playing (play-testing really) a minor action at a bridge myself. Trying out some rules called Sacre Bleu for 18th century small scale actions. My "battle" was smaller than yours though. Still, interesting to follow your battle report. :-)

Bluebear Jeff said...

Clarence Harrison says on his website the his "Victory Without Quarter" rules don't cover all eventualities . . . and comments that he posted on my blog when we fought a few battles urged me to use "house rules" to cover such situations.

So your house rules are perfectly fine.

-- Jeff