Friday, May 29, 2009

Raid in Yorkshire : 100 Posts in the Lead Gardens!

To mark 100 posts here at the Lead Gardens, a few images from an ECW raid scenario to serve as a tie breaker in my ECW Campaingn for the month of May. I was able to play on Friday afternoon (an academic on summer break has not a few ill-gotten hours for gaming...the pics are from my cell phone so "blurry" is the password... ;) )

The Raid was based on the "Pillage and Plunder" Table Top Teaser published in the Battlegames TTT special issue.

Here a Parliamentary raiding force attempts to plunder a few farmhouses and make off with the loot before the Royalists can muster a response. Due to a tip from a loyal subject of the King, the local Royalist commander is tipped off to the approaching Roundheads. The affair quickly turns in to a rather sharp action with both sides feeding arriving troops in to an area of farmland hemmed in between a river and a smaller branching stream.

While Roundhead dragoons ruthlessly plunder and fire the first farmhouse they are caught at the second by the Cavalier horse who, driven hard by their commander aggressively plow in to the first covering body of Parliamentary horse standing in the fields just beyond the farm. Driving them off in a furious melee.

Much musketry ensues and while the Parliamentary foot is so engaged, the Cavaliers work their way around the Parliamentarians with more arriving troops of horse. Though the Parliamentary do good service in delaying at a critical ford, giving most of their foot a chance to escape, they ultimately did not have enough loot to win the day and were driven off with some loss, so the battle goes to the King!

The Royalist horse react quickly to the raid...

A Parliamentary regiment gets a full dose of musketry and is destroyed.

The first farm burns while Parliamentary raiders file on to the next farm.

dragoons defend a ford...

Parliamentary commanded shot in open order fire at long range...

A small unit of dragoon mount a rear guard and are overwhelmed but the main body of Roundhead shot makes their escape.

Royalist pursue...and win the day.

ECW Campaign score - May 1642- King 3, Parliament 2


Fitz-Badger said...

Nice report. Looks like a fun game. :-)

I like the use you make of cotton wool to indicate the burning farm and the firing of musketry and such. Adds a nice effect to the pictures.

Bluebear Jeff said...

I will echo Fitz-Badger's comments and add that despite your comments the photos were pretty darn good once I clicked on them.

-- Jeff

tidders said...

Nicely presented 'raid report'. The Royalists win the month of May ! Hoorah !

-- Allan