Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Short Game and Another Critical Foot

I played out the "Threat to the Flank" Scenario (p. 4 CS Grant "Scenarios For All Ages") over the past weekend and I took overhead pics each turn just to see how it would look. Also at turn 4, I got a crazy idea that since I had lots of green paint left from my table project, that I could add a foot to my table without much trouble and just a little bit of expense. So I "called" the game at turn 4 a guarded victory for Grolstein since they did get across the river and were poised to make their flank attack...picked the game up...and I then made my way to the local hardware supply store and bought 4, 2x5 foot sections of hardboard to expand my table to an 8'x5'.

I have found (as C. Grant mentions in "The Wargame" that a thinner table tends to make the games somewhat stereotyped and the forces lack room to maneuver with large battalions, so I think the extra foot will be a big improvement...now, where did I put that paint roller...

Here are the game pics in sequence:

Turn 1
Both sides race for the bridge (bottom,...the upper half of the river is fordable) The Grolstein Cuirassier Regiment is ordered to ford the river and attack the Bleiherzen center.

Turn 2
Grolstein Infantry makes for river under heavy fire (top) and the Hussars and Dragoons clatter across the bridge with the Grenz firing across the river in support.

Turn 3
Infantry trade volleys at the top and cavalry melee at the bottom...light infantry engaged all along the river...

Turn 4
Austrian Dragoons in Grolstein service follow on across the lower bridge hitting the Bleiherzen Dragoons in the flank and sending them off in retreat...at the top, the Hungarian Musketeer Regiment Esterhazy, despite heavy casualties and the loss of the Brigade commander still manage to get a foothold across the stream.

Heavy cavalry battle in the center... though one squadron of Grolstein Cuirassiers manage to capture a gun, their commander falls... and the other squadron is driven back across the river by a bold charge downhill of Blieherzen horse

the final push by Grolstein's infantry across the stream...at this point the battle was called in favor of Grolstein, though the Bleiherzen Army manged to withdraw in good order.

In this game I used "The Wargame" rules as printed so I was using a I go-You go turn sequence...there was not much difference from my card driven approach (outlined in an earlier post)...the rules are a blast either way!

...hopefully next time the two armies will meet on a larger field!


Capt Bill said...

Great battle report and photos. I really like the orange you used on the Cuirassiers. Well done...Bill

Fitz-Badger said...

Nice battle report! Sounds like fun.

One of these days I "need" to get a larger table or some boards or something, just to get up to 4x6 feet!

Der Alte Fritz said...

What a nice looking collection you have built? How long have you been working on your RSM armies?

I enjoy visiting your blog on a regular basis as you have really captured the essence of Old School Wargaming...and I even saw a Grant Canister Cone!

tidders said...

Nice battle report and photos. Have fun with the larger table.

-- Allan

littlejohn said...

I started the RSM collection last May and worked pretty hard on it over the summer on Austrians and Prussians...then I started this blog in September using a 40mm ECW project to get the momentum going, but when I decided to start a couple of ImagiNations that really got the ball rolling on the 18th century collection again. Such a great community of gamers...how could I resist!

And yes that a cannister cone in the pics...and for this game I tried using a bounce stick even though I'm not sure roundshot actually behaved like that...it sure is fun...I chalk it up to the abstract nature of old school gaming!

Bluebear Jeff said...

I have two 8' "banquet tables" side by side for a 5'x8' table . . . and I've added a 5' banquet table on the end so it is now 5'x10.5'.

If I add another 5 footer it will become 5'x13' . . . and I'm tempted.

Your whole setup looks great . . . but if you can add that extra width it will help.

However if you do, you might want to consider painting the "off" side either tan (for desert -- Colonials) or blue (for naval action).

This would maintain the green you want for your main periods but give you an option for those "change of pace" games.

-- Jeff

Stokes Schwartz said...

Yep, very nice photos, table, and battle (report)! And a cannister cone too! Can't wait to see the new, larger table either. Anything on the painting table at the moment?

Best Regards,