Saturday, February 28, 2009

Coach and Four

the entire contents of the box from Blue Moon Manufacturing...

coach assembled

coach assembled except for the coach lights...roof is removable for the passengers

As promised here are a few pics of the 28mm Coach and Four by Blue Moon. I got the coach "moving with seated passengers", but there is also a version with standing horses and dismounted passengers. I'm still assembling so the coach lanterns are not yet installed. I think this will be a really great model when it's all done and will give the Grand Duchess of Grolstein a nice ride to tour the outer defenses in.

In case you are thinking of getting this model. It measures 7- 1/2" inches long and about an 1- 1/2" across the axles. It includes four seated passengers and a driver...available from Blue Moon Manufacturing. ($40.00 USD.)...a bit pricey, but the Duchess needs to get around somehow...and with all the raiding going on recently, it's rumored that she has retained a specially trained unit of Pandours to escort this coach.


Fitz-Badger said...

Thanks for the pics!

tidders said...

That is one fab coach.

-- Allan