Friday, February 27, 2009

The Redoubt

After a dramatic stroke that resulted in the capture of a section of Parliamentary supply train, Prince Rupert presses on up the road towards the village of Downton. Just outside of the village on an open expanse of high ground Essex has drawn up the remainder of his army. Overnight the Roundheads erect a hasty redoubt and post their remaining gun.

Essex posts his remaining Foot in an area of enclosures along the road down which Rupert is advancing...and presently a small party of Dragoons comes galloping along the main road shouting...the cur Rupert is upon us!

Royalist foot move up through the enclosures on the outskirts of Downton

Parliamentary Foot form up along the hedges...

The battle begins in earnest with an exchange of long range musketry... be continued


Andrew said...

Hey, I recognize that redoubt from an American Revolution plastics set I used to play with! Soooo awesome! That set helped get me into history! Did you also dig it out of childhood toys, or did you buy the set specifically for the wargaming opportunities? And what did you do with the (54mm?) figures that came with it?

littlejohn said...

I got that redoubt a few years ago in an American Revolutionary War set that was available here in the States for a short while at "Toys r Us". I bought 2 sets and still have the figures but have never got around to painting them up. I like to have them around for when the youngsters visit my gaming space. They are still available on ebay I think but have been packaged under several different companies. I did paint up several to make a test unit but abandoned the project...I'll post pics of the unit.