Friday, October 17, 2008


Hello everyone,
This is my first post on this new blog that will showcase my latest wargaming project, English Civil War in 40mm. I've had a lot of years (since I was 12) of great experiences in this best and noble-ist of all hobbies! I've had the good fortune to have painted and gamed with some of the hobby's great personalities. Though much of my gaming has been solo, I've loved the camaraderie of conventions and to anyone who I've gamed with in the past Welcome!  

I've just recently started a collection of English Civil War figures in 40mm. Initially, I'm going to track my progress with this blog. Hope you all enjoy!  In the future I'll try to post some explanations of painting methods, rules ideas and such.

I discovered 40mm figures after years doing 15/25/28mm gaming. Perhaps my painting has risen to the challenge or maybe it's just good for aging eyes but driving the "big rigs" is really appealing to me these days. I've had English Civil War Collections in 15mm and 25mm over the years...(even still have a Peter Laing collection, some of the earliest 15mm)....most eventually sold because of life's other necessities. Yes it's true, painting miniature figures has gotten me out of not a few financial jams. And always, it never failed me...  After a long gap where other stuff in life pushed gaming to the very back of the closet, and painting figures was a means of paying the rent, I finally have had a renewed interest in both gaming and painting.

So again, welcome to The Project, and I hope you enjoy keeping up with its progress! DECLARE!...ARE YE FOR KING OR PARLIAMENT!


tidders said...

'For Ye Kinge' - I have a definite bias towards the Royalists.

I've taken to 40mm figs, using them for both ECW and my 18C Skirmish games. Reasons why 40mm - 1. easier to paint (eyesight !)
2. Remind me of my toy soldiers when I was kid.

-- Allan

Bluebear Jeff said...

I too declare for the Kinge. Somehow the Royalists have always seemed the more 'romantic' of the two forces . . . but then what do I know, I'm naught but a colonist adrift in the new world?

I've just discovered your blog . . . and since I've been thinking about the ECW as a future project . . . and perhaps using Sash and Saber's 40mm figures . . . your blog will be of much interest to me.

-- Jeff

littlejohn said...

Jeff and Alan, your interest as fellow travelers in the 40mm world is most welcome...hope you enjoy the blog...I've been an enthusiast of both of your blogs!