Thursday, October 30, 2008

Follow the Prince!

I finished the second squadron of Prince Rupert's Horse this evening with the final adding of the carbine or "snaphance" I think it was called...? I painted the carbines separately and glued them on after everything was done. I'm thinking of another layer of highlighting for the horses but I'm going to move on to another unit for now (see "Finished..Unfinished" post). These guys are all ready to raid Waller's baggage train! I also added carbines to my Wallers horse unit after painting the weapons separately. That method works well at 40mm scale...I've found that devoting some close attention to ink wash and shading the weapons really pays off in the look of the the clouds of battle are gathering on the horizon! My table currently has a 25mm 7 Years wars battle set up, but as soon as it's clear, I'm going to throw down the "big rigs" for a battle!

The Sash and Saber figures paint up surprisingly fast and I'm really excited about the result. To keep a rough balance of power between the two armies, I'm going to do another Royalist foot regiment and I think I'm going to try a "forlorn hope" musketeer unit that can serve either side depending on the scenario. I'm thinking of basing them with 2, 80mm wide x 60mm deep cavalry bases but with 5 musketeer figures each roughly arrayed in skirmish formation.


tidders said...

Another nice well painted unit. All you need now is Prince Rupert himself to lead them.

-- Allan

littlejohn said...

Yes I'm collecting images of the major commanders from the web so at some point I'm going to work up a few personality figures in 40mm...It might take some "greenstuff" and I think I'll need a dog to put on Rupert's base....I wonder what breed?


Bluebear Jeff said...

Prince Rupert's dog, Boye, was a white standard poodle (although not with the modern "poodle cut", I'm sure).

Boye accompanied the Prince in many battles until he was killed at Marson Moor.

-- Jeff