Monday, October 27, 2008

Tower Hamlets Regiment of the London Trayned Band

I finished my Tower Hamlets regiment for Parliament this past weekend and the Romanov's work out well. The couple of S&S figures and a few S&S head swaps are hardly noticeable though the S&S are a millimeter or two smaller. I looked at some reenactor pics (Col. Charles Gerard's Regiment of Foot) and differences in individual soldier heights is noticeable so I now officially chalk up differences in the two figure lines to that from now on. Poses of the Romanovs vary less (the arms torsos/legs you get in the bag of 5 are all the same...heads vary) than a bag of S&S so I think you need the S&S to get a good range of poses in a unit.

I was also able to change out my Haselrige's Horse flag thanks to tidders at "For Ye Kinge"...many thanks Alan!


Bluebear Jeff said...

The "Trayned Band" looks good. I like a varied mix of figures for this period.

-- Jeff

tidders said...

Nice looking trained band; the mix of figures works well.

The cuirassiers have come out really well; I like the anchor -flag for the lobsters as well - I used it for my cuirassier unit.

-- Allan

littlejohn said...

Yes I think I'm going to try for more variations in coats within each unit. it's a bit of a challenge to get units to look like a unit and still be varied but the range of poses you can get with the 40s since they have separate arms and heads helps a lot. I've heard a few guys complain about having to assemble the figures but I think its an advantage at this scale.

Bluebear Jeff said...

One way that I use for 'irregularly uniformed' units is to select a compatible palette of colors . . . but each unit has a different palette.

For example, I might have two or three shades of blue plus a blue-gray and a gray as well as a couple of different off-whites for one unit. Then I'd paint different parts of the uniform for each man (I hope that makes sense to you).

-- Jeff