Monday, October 20, 2008

How far We've Come

A shot of one of my old Peter Laing 15mm ECW units. We used to "lovingly" refer to them as "Peter Slugs"...but at the time they were ahead of their time and really they got many of us on the road to more gaming because we could afford them in High School! I still have these out for a game from time to time using a Warmaster variant for ECW. (and yes, those are Flames of War bases...) These guys have been re-based about 5 times over their lifetime. Goes to show how hard getting the "right" pike and shot rules is no small task. But you can easily see how the newer 40mm stuff has such a hold on us "old school" guys.


tidders said...

I used Minifigs 25mm for my ECW armies when I was at school, these are long gone. At the time I used Wargames research Group rules.

The 40mm figs you can now are so much better !

-- Allan

littlejohn said...

I had a few Minifigs 25mm Cav that I sometimes ran skirmish games with but eventually I moved into 15mm...first with Peter Laing and later with Essex. The Essex are long gone, being sold during one of my lean moments. The 40s are amazing because I can SEE them for a change.