Thursday, September 6, 2012

Battle of St. Michel: Second Attempt

 The British, after a failed first attempt at capturing St. Michel, have, by some timely reinforcements (read frantic week of casting and painting...) returned to the attack and are making a second attempt to capture the all important pay wagons of the French forces in the area.
the much strengthened English advance to the attack

Newly arrived from Portsmouth, the 8th (Kings) Regiment of Foot
The newest addition to the British is the 8th regiment of Foot (Kings). I struggled to get the right shade of blue for the facing but I'm still not quite happy with how they turned out. Dark royal blue is a seemingly hard color to get right and I've not yet figured out the right solution (or brand of paint) to get it right...any suggestions are much appreciated!
The French still enjoy a superiority of horse

The Irish Regiment Bukeley in French service hold the right flank

The British attack columns crest a distant ridge
I'll be fighting this one out over the next couple of days...despite my occupation of the family dining table, I intend to finish this one and do a proper battle report.

I also spent the day cleaning a "spare" room in our house that, if plans go well, will become a new gaming space--though not quite entirely dedicated to least a bit less disruptive to the household...and less accessible to the new kitten who has shown great and destructive interest in the goings on in the dining room! 

I think the British now have a fighting chance at taking the town...and I have new impetus in adding another two feet to the 6x5 table I'm currently limited to...but mum's the word... don't tell the Misses!

I'm also in heated anticipation of the new Prince August "Karoliner" molds coming out in a few weeks...they look really good and a nice addition for us PA fans who are using the figures for wargaming! If we could just convince them to make a grenadier in a bearskin hat....


Ross Mac said...

The new lads are looking good. I like the look of white belts on the British.

I use either Ceramcoat Prussian Blue for facings on British Royal Regiments or else Dark Midnight Blue. No idea why "royal blue" in home decoration is a mid blue. The real thing is very dark. ,

Bluebear Jeff said...

I like the look of these troops too, sir. Very nice indeed . . . and I will look forward to the battle reports.

-- Jeff

Mosstrooper said...

I look forward to the battle

Mark Dudley said...

Excellent set up - it will be interesting to see if the British prevail.

Have you looked at Navy Blue ?


Plasticviking said...

Wonderful. Have just started an Imaginations project in 40mm and this is a great inspiration.