Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Old School ToE: The French

And here are the French forces as they stand at present. Again, the dashed lined units are under construction. Ultimately the British will be an infantry strong force and the French will be a bit cavalry heavy...just to keep things a bit un-symmetrical.


Mark Dudley said...


You have gone with a 2 company/squadron as per Charge.

Did you think of going to a 3 company model using say 12 figures per company and 6 per squadron. That way you could detach a sub unit to act on its own and still maintain a 2 sub unit formation.

I originally built my PA units for Charge but have recently been using them for the War Game. I too used the 2 company/squadron model.

It is time I had a game of Charge

I also like the Grenadier idea of a 1/2 company which fits nicely with the Prussian model of 4 companies of musketeers and 1 of grenadiers.


littlejohn said...

Yes I was thinking of increasing to a three company structure when I get to a completed point in the current plan. Then it's a small matter to add a few more figures to the units. I do like 12 figure units because they would have a bit more staying power. I also enjoy "the Wargame" because it gives the officers a more important role in the game.

Mark Dudley said...

And of course being singly based you have total freedom.

littlejohn said...

yes the single bases are the beauty...sometimes a pain in the butt when it comes time to pack up, but manageable with these big figures.