Friday, August 17, 2012

40mm Cuirassiers (Battle of St. Michel)

French cavalry massed for battle
 Taking a short break from painting my 15mm SCW project, I shifted over to finish up a unit of 40mm cuirassiers that I had cast up a few weeks ago. I painted them up as a unit of fictitious Grolsteiners.  My 40mm armies are a mix of imaginary and historical units, basically to get maximum "color" for the time spent casting and painting.
The Grand Duchess' Cuirassiers (still needing their powdered hair painted)

Irish Regiment Bukeley hold a farm on the French right flank.
 I also took the opportunity to set up a battle using Charles Grant's "Raid on St. Michel" campaign book. This is a scaled version of The Battle of St. Michel (teaser 3) on a 6x5 table. The lots of big figures on a small table still works for a straight up 18th century battle.

Pay waggons parked in St. Michel...the objective!

Table overview the French hold St. Michel and the British assault from the top left

French 6lbr

skirmish on the flanks

French cavalry surge forward

The first British volley brings down only a few troopers
A few turns into the battle the French cavalry charged home and via a run of good melee die rolls in the first round basically sent the British packing leaving little chance for a successful assault on the town so I decided end the battle and cast up some more British infantry to improve their offensive punch. I'll try the battle again in a few weeks.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Splendid eye candy, sir. They look marvelous. Besides the cuirassiers I particularly liked the French artillery, but everything looks good.

We don't see enough of your lovely figures; please don't be shy about sharing them with us.

-- Jeff

Mosstrooper said...

The massed cavalry look very impressive , must start casting up some more myself .

Corporal_Trim said...

Beautiful work on the new cuirassiers, littlejohn ! Hard to tell you painted on the cuirass, it looks for all the world as if it was part of the casting. Really, I like all your PA figures.

I am also partial to that S935 mold you used for the cuirassiers. For the longest time it was endlessly frustrating me by producing guys carrying knives or at best, a gladius. Finally I went overboard cutting extra channels in the mold, have to trim a lot of excess now but at least the swords turn out complete.

Best regards and keep up the good work,

DeanM said...

Lovely figures; very beautiful and nostalgic. Best, Dean

littlejohn said...

Thanks guys!

That mold is a tough one to cast, I found getting the swords to cast fully very difficult even with new vents cut. I finally just cut the swords off and replaced with a length of flat toothpick sealed with super glue and that worked well...the shape of a flat toothpick is just right and matches the original (makes me think that was how the original master might have been sculpted.

Capt Bill said...

A pleasant sight indeed to see your new armies on the march...

tidders said...

Great looking game; figs are fab, cuirassiers well good

-- Allan

Mark Dudley said...

I do like the Cuirassier figure very nice.

Your cavalry is coming along nicely and this has got me thinking I need more. So last night I started work preping 12 hussars I had cast up some time ago.