Saturday, September 29, 2012

Battle of St. Michel: Second Attempt- The Report

British grenadiers and the 12th regiment of Foot begin their assault on St. Michel
The battle opens with the British advancing smartly in column of companies to cover the expanse of open ground as quickly as possible.
The 8th Regiment of Foot (King's) deployed in line covers the flank of the assaulting column.

Attentive readers will notice I've mislabeled the Colonel's stand (in this game hit early...) as the Lorraine Regiment...They are actually painted as the Regiment Lyonnais....I am getting old and confused..!
British battalion guns do some serious damage to an exposed company of the Lyonnais Regiment.
I simulated indecision on the part of the French of when to release their cavalry by rolling each turn for their Brigadier to convince the reluctant CinC to charge forward. About turn three they finally surge forward.
French Horse bear down on the British line.

The 12th Foot and converged grenadiers move to assault St. Michel

light cavalry clash on the flank
In the center the French cavalry charge the 8th regiment of foot...

The assault column closes in...

overview about halfway through the battle...the French regrouping their horse after an unsuccessful charge and the British assault column closes in on the outskirts of St. Michel

The defenders of St. Michel, Infantrie Regiment Lyonnais

French CinC

Col. Skelton of the 12th foot leads from the front but is one of the first to fall...

The objective...the pay waggons

Light infantry skirmish

The British column begins to break up.

The French Cuirassiers make another charge on the British left.

cavalry action

Concentrated musketry and cannon fire shatter the British in the final moments of the assault.

The final blow to the British is delivered by a successful charge of French heavy horse.

This battle was fun...but had to be taken down fast.... but my sights were set on getting a larger table set up and some more figures painted in my next post, another CS Grant teaser from the "Raid on St. Michel" book


Bluebear Jeff said...

Wonderful looking troops, sir!

-- Jeff

Mosstrooper said...

Very nice looking battle and a great write up too.

Mark Dudley said...

Excellent game, great photos and lovely write up.

Ulrich von Boffke said...

Yes, wonderfully painted troops and wagon train. My particular favorites are the two French generals especially the fellow in red and gold on astride the white/grey horse. Great stuff!

Best Regards,


Corporal_Trim said...
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Corporal_Trim said...

Excellent photos and report ! The PA's look splendid and I second Stokes' comment on the French CinC.


Ross Mac said...

I absolutely love the look you have achieved with these. Something to do with the colours, crispness and consistency.

tidders said...

super dupes - great looking game

-- Allan