Monday, July 9, 2012

The Baggage Train Grows

Mark Dudley over at Ilkley Old School had the good idea for his 40mm PA forces of making one 2 wheel baggage wagon for each of his regiments and I thought to follow on by giving it a try. I had some baggage wagons that I had built for my 40mm ECW forces (those splendid fellows now do service with a good gentleman from Georgia...I have a bit of quirk in that I always hope when I have to sell a large collection, that they "go to a good home" can still see them here on earlier posts under ECW)  
The wagons were built rather large in a full round universe and were without horses for a long can see the build here. So the challenge was to see if the PA semi flats would look OK hitched to the full round wagons.
the barrels are from a craft shop (a bit large, but I think they would make a good water wagon glued top to top and used on it's side.
I think they turned out reasonably well despite the 3d differences—I'm beginning to think there is no problem a coat of Krylon Triple Thick Clear Glaze won't solve, ...I may have to try it on my dear wife when she gets cranky.

sorry sweetheart, just kidding....

Doing one for each regiment is a great way to keep building the tail of the army while building the sharp end.

Grenadiers take a village!


Ross Mac said...

The wagons look great. Is that the driver from the old Ericson range?

littlejohn said...

Yes, the mold is one of the early PA Ericson molds I got on ebay.

Mosstrooper said...

Looks good , I too search EBay for molds

Mark Dudley said...

Nice wagon. I will have to make one like this out of Costa Coffee stirrers.

I used the later version of the Limber horse - also sourced from ebay

tidders said...

Nice wagons, look great with the PA figs.

I need to build some smaller two wheelers, given me some ideas

-- Allan