Monday, June 25, 2012

A Battle Interrupted

 A Saturday afternoon here at the Lead gardens found me taking over the dining table for a weekend 40mm battle with the some newly finished units added to the collection.
 First is a second 8 figure grenadier company on the British side representing the grenadier company of the 23rd Royal Fusiliers. These fellows will form a composite grenadier unit of 16 men plus officers with the grenadiers of the 12th foot. My plans are to do the complete 23rd in a few weeks if I can find the time to cast them up.
 I also have two new 6lbr guns battalion guns painted up for each side, plus a light infantry unit for the French.

6lb Royal Artillery Battalion Gun
Volontaires Étrangers de Clermont Prince
 In the overview pic at the top of the page, you can see the initial positions of the game. The French are attempting to force their way into a small village (top left of the pic) and are confronted by a British blocking force on some high ground overlooking their route of march. This battle is based on a historical English Civil War battle,  (I have unfortunately forgot the name but I will post if I can come up with it.)
Col. Gerlach's Jagers in their element on the English left.

The French deployment
Royal Roussion Cavalerie

British Horse

These fellows are thin but tough!
Grenadiers resist a charge

Light infantry skirmish in the town

British horse move to charge the head of the advancing French column

The Royal Roussion fail to dent the British left

The 4th Horse capture a gun

Irish in French service-Bulkeley Infanterie advance on the British right

"Here they come!"

The first volleys are exchanged
Unfortunately after this turn of the game,...(it had slowly gone on for a day and a half...(my being busy with other weekend tasks...) dear wife dropped the "Is this stuff going to be here on the dining table permanently?"  Well at that moment I was really missing my normal back room gaming space. So I gave in and returned the dining table to it's "normal" function with the game unfinished. I'll have to give it another go at a future date


Bluebear Jeff said...

Ah, the ladies just don't understand, do they?

Still we do have to accommodate them on many things, don't we?

Great-looking troops, sir.

-- Jeff

Mosstrooper said...

Nice looking armies , inspires me to cast up some more of my own .

littlejohn said...

Jeff, Yes we do have to give them credit for even putting up with us!...and Great to have you back in form in the gaming blog world...many best wishes from the Lead Gardens!

Mosstrooper, I've really been enjoying your 40mm posts!

Corporal_Trim said...

Now that's a fine looking battle. Love what you did with the British grenadiers, very nice.

Laughed at your wife's comment, sounds exacly like something my own would say.


littlejohn said...

Steve, They just can't help themselves can they? ...even when they understand just does not compute in the specific scheme of things...particularly when the space requirements of gaming hit home...I'm often found arguing, ..."baby, I just need to keep this stuff here until I get a bigger space to keep it in...!" It's like a crack dealer saying "hey man the first one's free!"...


Mark Dudley said...


I like what you did with the older HE Grenadier mould for the French Light Infantry.

I have cheated a bit here and bought a few Irregular Miniatures Grenz for my Lights.


tidders said...

Lovely stuff !

-- Allan

Ogilvie VC said...

Very old school and absolutely luvly.

Foss1066 said...

Outstanding set up! This is very inspiring to me!