Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Prince August Artillery

 Got a few new molds in from Prince August and cast up a couple of new 6lbr guns. These castings are much improved on the older 12lbr, so I'm posting a few comparisons in case anyone out there is interested in 40mm figures.
The proportions of the 6lbr are really good and the detail on the gun and carriage is much better than the older casting. Also the castings are much easier to produce successfully...particularly the wheels are a bit easier...even though I did have to repair some partially cast spokes. I use round toothpicks to fill the uncast great...
 here the 12 lb gun is in the background...
Prince August 12lb gun

Prince August 6lb gun

the 6lbr has a much better proportion and will make a great battalion gun

12 lb gun

12 lb on left, 6 lb on the right

both of these guns fit on a 60mmx40mm base
My PA collection is growing now that summer is begun!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Nice comparison photos, sir. Quite nice indeed . . . and they should make great battalion guns.

-- Jeff

Prinz Ulrich von Boffke said...

As I'm sure I've mentioned here before, were I to start from scratch all over again, it would be with the 40mm Prinz August molds and figures. Yours look great!

Best Regards,


littlejohn said...

Jeff, It's great to hear from you! My best for a continued recovery! ...let's get back to gaming!

Stokes, Many thanks, the PA stuff has been a real shot in the arm over here at the Leadgardens!

Ross Mac said...

Nicely done!

Before I drive myself any crazier looking for a new release, is this new 3pdr the same old 6 pdr form the Karoliner/Wild Geese range?

One trick that I've had some luck with re spokes, is to drill a very small hole through the face of the mold, through the spokes that won't cast easily.


littlejohn said...

Ross, You are quite right, my mistake, it's a 6lbr!...two martinis don't make for an accurate blog post ;)


Mark Dudley said...

The casting season is upon us.

New moulds are bought and the metal stock piled over winter is ready and waiting.

Those guns do look good - I have a couple cast up.

BTW Have you seen any of the blog posts on the game we ran. 1200 Prince August Figures on one table.

There are some images here at the end of the post.

I will update my blog with more when I get a chance.


littlejohn said...


Wow that game looked great...1200 figures is classic wargaming bliss!


tidders said...

6pdr looks good compared to the 12pdr - as you say nice battalion gun

-- Allan

Plasticviking said...

Toothpicks! Solves the annoying miscasting of spokes problem ! Good tip.

DCAja said...