Friday, May 4, 2012

40mm Baggage Wagon

two limbers and a wood base get the wagon started...
 I'm finished with my teaching responsibilities for the summer until July so I had my first clear day of relaxation today...with the wife still away with my son. Gave me a solid few hours of time to both cast up some new 40mm Prince August figures, as well as get some painting commitments done for one of my good friend followers.

I started a scratch-build/conversion project using  two Prince August limbers and adding a wagon bed to make a supply/baggage wagon. I am using the artillery limber horses from PA to outfit the wagon, and hopefully by weekend's end I'll have finished 40mm supply wagon.
Those wheels are a tough casting problem with PA moulds!...but perseverance and a little "green stuff" wins the day...!
I also had time today to cast up another infantry unit for the French....they will be Irish mercenaries... the "wild geese"... I'm planning a "raid on the supply wagon" scenario for next week!


Archduke Piccolo said...

Looks good already. By the way, you can save on wheels by making somewhat shorter carts of similar design but with two wheels only...

Saves on draught horses, too: you need only one.

Mark Dudley said...


I am also planning on making some wagons as well. I was going to go for the two wheel variety.

I am thinking one for each regiment.

My Duchy of Cavados forces are also looking to recruit an Irish Unit. The Cashel Regiment with red coats and blue facings


DeanM said...

Looking good. Wow - you cast your own figures too. Best, Dean

tidders said...

Great looking cart

The PA wheels are tricky to cast as are the Nurnburger Meisterzin ones; I find green stuff repairs are needed as well (I sometimes use some plastic Lego wheels which are the right size).

-- Allan