Sunday, November 23, 2008

Making 40mm Wagons

The baggage wagons are nearly done and I shifted into assembly line mode to complete the other two wagons in short order. Here are some pics of the process and some notes on how its done. And some pics of the first one completed.

These are the sides using 2, 1" matchsticks spaced 1 " apart as uprights then three slats 1 15/16" long are glued to the slats. the uprights extend about an 1/8" so they can attach to the bottom later. These are the sides for 2 carts.

Then a frame for the bottom is glued together (1"wide x 2 1/4")

Then 3 slats are glued to the bottom frame...

The 2 sides are glued to the bottom and propped at a slight angle using the little extensions on the sides to "key" in to the bottom. Then two full matchsticks 2 1/4" are attached as trails

The plastic wheels are glued to the brass tube I had laying around. I would use epoxy next time since the white glue is not so good for the plastic wheels.

Then the wheels axle assembly is glued to the cart bottom.
And finally "load" of tissue soaked in white glue is added to the bed, then after everything dries a wash of black and brown ink and a drybrush of everything and here it is!

And on the table:

...and those cool buildings are new Conflix 28mm that just arrived in the mail...Thanks to you guys for the suggestion to get them, they are perfect!!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Thanks for the tutorial . . . I might try something like this if I find the wheels.

Of course I don't have the 'little nipper's' barnyard to raid to get the oxen . . . I suppose that I'll have to make do with the store-bought ones.

-- Jeff

tidders said...

THanks for the cart build instructions. I have two wagons and two carts which I've built/converted [ they're shown on my 18c blog at: ]

Your figs and cart reaaly look good with those Conflix buildings.

-- Allan

Andy Mitchell said...

I have always loved the small ammunition cart that appears in some of the photos in Charge! This blog entry just might get me working on one for my own troops.