Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Fighting Late in the Day

One of the advantages of gaming solo is being able to let a game sit for a few days to be taken up later whenever I have a few hours (or even minutes) to spare. This 7YW battle has now been fought out over a couple of weeks.

Its now in its final stages so I thought a few images of the climactic firefight between the outnumbered Prussians and an assaulting force of Austrians and Hungarians might be of interest. The Prussians resisted stoutly but eventually succumbed to the Austrian's combined musketry and artillery followed by a charge of dragoons at just the right moment to put a critical infantry regiment to flight.

I roughly based the table layout on the battle of Minden from a Charles Grant refight I found in an old copy of Wargames Illustrated and just used the 7YW armies I have ...(again a classic "Grantian" approach)....really fun overall!

I'm currently working up a pair of fictitious states that will be smaller warring allies of big Blue and White...but that, a project for a future date... but as soon as I take the plunge into painting the first ficticious 25mm RSMs...I'm sure I'll be hooked... in the meantime the 40mms are calling...


Bluebear Jeff said...

Yup, you'll be hooked . . . so you might want to be sure that you've got your 40mm troops to a good pausing point before you take brush to those elegant RSMs.

-- Jeff

littlejohn said...

Rodger That!...and I've got a nice unpainted pile of those elegant RSMs still waiting in the box they were shipped in!...(a little consolation gift to myself for not getting to go to Historicon back in July).

abdul666 said...

for sure you'll be hooked -and I wish you to be: you'll see how diverse and rich are the potentialities of 'Grantian' Imagi-Nations!

Looking forward to read echoes of your progess & enjoyement, and to see pics of your RSM in uniforms of your design.


tidders said...

I hoped the Austrians woudl win and they did. Normally I would have favoured the Prussians,but since my Wittenberg imagi-nation is based on Saxony I moved into the other camp.

Looks like you'll be busy with two new imagi-nations to do as well !

I agree with Jeff, get to a good pause point with your ECWs first.

-- Allan