Sunday, November 16, 2008

Battle of Elstone Fields

Finally the day of my first ECW battle with 40mms has arrived! Got the table all set up this weekend so here are some initial views of the battle. I used a card from "The Perfect Captain's" Battlefinder system for generating tabletop battles. Since the game is solo I randomly chose 3 cards for each side and a process of each "side" discarding in turn with the last being decided by a die roll I got the basic table layout. Since I'm waiting on some new Conflix structures to arrive I'm just using some scratchbuilt buildings I had on hand (they aren't quite the look of ECW era England but they will do for now). The opposing forces for this small action are:

Royalist: Prince Rupert Commanding,
2 regiments of Foot
3 squadrons of Horse (2 are Veteran)

Parliament: Sir William Waller Commanding,
3 regiments of Foot (1 is Veteran)
2 squadrons of Horse
1 squadron of Dragoons (Veteran) (freshly painted!)

This will hopefully balance the sides roughly...

A colorful battle report follow!

I've also worked up a Quick Reference Sheet for the "Victory Without Quarter" rules I'm using and if the sheet works I'll be contacting Clarence Harrison to see if he wants to include them in the rules at some point or if he would give me permission to send to my readers who might want a copy. I've got them worked up in a nice ECW looking font and they might be a helpful addition to the rules someday, though the rules are so clear a QRS may not really be necessary. But I think its nice to have the modifiers all in one place during play.

These few pics are all I can post apparently due to space limits so I'll send off a couple more in the battle report(s) to follow. I'm also not sure how to add titles to the pics, so gent. readers, you'll have to fill in the blanks. This may take me a few days to fight since my gaming space is cleverly hidden in the back storage room of my dear wife's yarn shop and I sneak over there during lunch hour to play a turn or two before heading back over to the university where I teach. You can see from the pics that I'm going to need some good ideas for a backdrop to conceal that nasty white tile wall in the background....any ideas?

"Give me a fine regiment of stout gentlemen and table room to maneuver!"


Bluebear Jeff said...

The photos you have so far look pretty good to me. I look forward to your reports and further photos.

-- Jeff

tidders said...

Nice atmospheric ground shots of the troops. Nice setup as well.

I'd bet on the Royalists to win, after all Prince Rupert is in charge - although will he control his cavalry if they win ??

-- Allan