Monday, July 9, 2012

These Bases Need an Army!

 Here at the Lead Gardens, there are times of feast and times of drought when the gaming funds for new lead seems to be hard to come by, so that's usually when I head to the garage to dig for unfinished projects that might be resuscitated to carry me through the "dry times." But "lead levels" are low here at the moment save for the scraps that I'm able to melt down for my 40mm homecasting project. But I did manage to find a batch of nice bases that I bought long ago from Renaissance Ink. There range from 40mm squares to some smaller ones and there are enough to make two small armies of 1 base 1 unit al la DBA or Bob Cordery's "Portable Wargame" ...something on the order of 12-16 bases per army.
I'm wondering what period and scale I can pull it off in with minimal investment in figures. I was thinking SCW or other Interwar stuff in 15mm? But I'm open to suggestions from my readers. I think it's an interesting question to kick around for a bit...what to do with these bases?


Ross Mac said...

Lots of late 19thC early 20thC 1/72nd plastic's coming out. The bases are just the right size for them,

Franco-Prussian maybe? or WWI 1914 on East or West Front or RCW?

littlejohn said...

Ross, Yes plastics seem the thing for this project...I did not realize there were some new figs coming out...I'll do some searching.