Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Advance Guard Action- Refight of a Refight: Preliminaries

I just received my first installment of my subscription to Phil Olley's "Classic Wargaming Journal" and after a very pleasurable read decided to play out one of the great scenarios forthwith! This one is a refight of an old scenario from Wargamers Journal nicely re-done by Chris Stringer. I used the base map but diverged from the Chris' scenario by deploying roughly a brigade of my Imagi-Nation troops on each side. Using Grant's "The Wargame" rules I managed to get 6 turns in this afternoon in a pleasant 2 hours and hopefully will get in the rest before the week is out. So here is my AAR...enjoy!

The Action at Crunkenhof Village

Forces of the Konigreich der Bleiherzen:

Fuzilier Regiment von Kluge (the Erbprinz Regiment)
Hersoldaten der Konigreich (Gentlemen Pensioners Regiment)
The Yellow Grenadiers
Col. Gerlach's Jagers
Aquebussiers de Grassin (French mercenaries)
Konigswald Dragoons (Col. Graf)
Kuschen Hussars (1 Squadron)
1 Gun (howitzer)

Forces of the Grand Duchy of Grolstein:

Musketeer Regiment Jahde (IR 1)
The Grand Duchess' Liebguard (IR 3)
The Red Grenadiers (IR2)
Grunow Friekorps
White Croats
1 Squadron of Radogosen Uhlanen (Polish) (often serving as the Grand Duchess' carriage guard)
1 Squadron of Grolstein Dragoons
 The Yellow battery of the Grolstein artillery (2 guns)

The battle begins with both sides advancing to capture their objectives: Grolstein is ordered to capture the village of Clrunkenhof, and the Blieherzeners are directed toward the river bridge. A classic symmetrical/asymmetrical scenario that both the elder C.  and son C. S. Grant do so well.

First some images of the Bleiherzen brigade advancing on the first turn,

The Gentlemen Pensioners and the Yellow (von Kramp) Grenadiers advance.

The squadron of Kuschen Hussars are ordered to move through Crunkenhof and scout towards the bridge.

The Grolstein Brigade moves along the river with their light infantry moving quickly on the opposite bank to secure the bridge and the right flank.

The Grand Duchess' Polish Uhlanen (Radogosen)...a flashy outfit! (RSM 25mm Ottoman figures)

...and the Dragoons...

Overview of the Grolstein force.

Overview of the Blieherzen force.

...and the sleepy village of Crunkenhof 

The opening moves... next post!


Ross Mac said...

Looks good so far. I love the Poles!

In the small world category, I have fond memories of games in Chris's basement when he lived in Halifax a year or so after this scenario was published!


Fitz-Badger said...

Very nice setup, miniatures, terrain, and all!
Those Poles are very colorful indeed! :)

Bluebear Jeff said...

Considering that the Saxe-Bearstein national colors are red and gold, how can I not love those Polish lancers? They're wonderful.

-- Jeff