Monday, December 27, 2010

ECW Initiative Cards

I have just finished a generic initiative card deck for English Civil War games. The cards were made using Sprigge's famous drawing of the battle of Naseby for the card images. There is a pdf. of 4 pages of cards that include Horse, Foot, Guns, Command and Dragoons as well as a cool "Time Passes" and "Event" cards and even a "Baggage Trayne" move card for those special baggage raiding scenarios. I was able to glean images from the original drawing by careful screen captures and it gives a pretty good period feel to the cards. The cards are purposely generic so that you can use them in a number of ways depending on the rules you are using. They are designed to work with Clarence Henderson's Victory Without Quarter rules (available from him at his "Quindia" website). Note that the cards are made using an AVERY 5371 perforated business card template so it should make the cards easier to produce.

Find the cards for FREE download here: link and just navigate to the Lead Gardens folder and inside the pdf. file is titled "Littlejohns ECW Cards".... Enjoy! and please let me know of any ideas for additions to the set.

This set will be followed by another set that's tailored to my figure collection with images of the actual units and period images of the various commanders.

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arthur1815 said...

Just downloaded your cards - very nice! You are so kind to make them freely available.

I can also use them as temporary troop counters to try out my portable ECW rules...

Best wishes,