Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gerard's Regiment of Foote Ready For Battle!

With the exception of a few final touches (eyes, and some final highlighting) these Cavaliers are ready to face off against those rebellious Parliamentarians! Every time I finish a new unit of these big fellows (40mm) I get excited about playing again....and despite the expense of the figures a few go a long way in making the units seem large.

I also followed Phil Olley's great method for painting real cloth flags and it works really well but takes just a bit of patience and practice to make it look good. I topped the pole off with a finial casting from Front Rank> I think one of the most fun aspects of ECW/30YW gaming are the colorful standards.

Also during this holiday, I'm currently redoing all my ECW turn initiative cards that I use with my preferred rules (Victory Without Quarter) and hopefully soon will post a link to the pdf file of the cards for my readers to download.

A fine Yuletide to all of you out I'm ready for a pint!...Cheers!


Bluebear Jeff said...

Another fine-looking unit, sir . . . definitely one worthy of serving His Majesty.

Confusion to the enemy . . . and kindly see to it that you enjoy Christmas, sir . . . and I would take it most kindly if you would consent to have a happy and prosperous new year.

-- Jeff

tidders said...

Super looking unit, and painted so quickly. Great flag.

I've ordered some Sash&Sabre ECW cavalry to complete the forces for my Roundway Down refeight - part of the order has arrived - will be assembling them over holiday period.

Happy Xmas and best wishes for the new year

-- Allan