Saturday, December 18, 2010

Gerard's Regiment of Foote 1642

Got a new regiment of 40mm ECW (Sash and Saber) underway today. This unit will represent Colonel Charles Gerard's Royalist Regiment of Foot. This was a bluecoated regiment present at Edgehill and had some very colorful blue and yellow flags so I'm planning on putting in a lot of effort to make this unit look good including a hand-painted cloth flag.

These were figures I had on hand and I was lacking an ensign so I broke out the "green stuff"  and "promoted" one of the pikemen to represent an ensign by adding a sash and a crest on the helmet (to look like the ensign in Haythornewaite's excellent book on the English Civil War (p. 75)

40mm is a great scale for modifying and conversions...(check out my Scots cavalry in an earlier post here and here)
You don't have to be a genius at sculpting at this scale and the large scale rewards the eye! Just started priming the figures and the painting begins tomorrow!

I've also got an order in to Sash and Saber for a batch of Horse to make the holiday painting that much better.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Stout-looking lads indeed. I look forward to seeing them once their uniforms are issued.

-- Jeff

tidders said...

Nice conversion of the pikeman. Looking forward to seeing the regiment painted.

I'm just about to order some cavalry for my Roundway Down refight project - my lead pile groweth

-- Allan