Thursday, January 13, 2011

Advance Guard Action- Refight of a Refight: Part 1

The Battle of Crunkenhof is joined as the Grolstein force begins to deploy...the artillery making for a prominent hill to their left flank. The dragoons and Poles move to head off the Bleiherzener thrust towards the bridge.

Meanwhile the Bleiherzen brigade catches a break in the early stages by rolling successfully for an additional infantry regiment (in the distant upper left of the pic).

The Kuschen Hussars are ordered to probe towards the distant the pics here seen marching rapidly through Crunkenhof village.

Here an overview of the field after turn 3...the Kuschen Hussars have formed up outside Crunkenhof, while the rest of the Bleiherzeners are moving to the attack...the Brigadier has ordered that the distant bridge also be secured before nightfall...clearly he is seeking glory even with his small command!

The Bleiherzen infantry columns move briskly to follow up the cavalry. In the lower pic we see the Yellow grenadiers and von Kluge's Fuziliers moving up in column.

...a close-up of Col. Grassin's mercenary light infantry and the ever valiant Colonel Gerlach's jagers in the distance moving to secure the Bleiherzen left.

The Grand Duchess' Polish Lancers secure the bridge in the face of a strong Bleiherzen advance.

...and the Grolstein Dragoons follow on in support...

The Grand Duchess' Liebguard deploys...

to be continued!....


Jiminho said...

Super photos and armies! You have set a splendid table. I look forward to seeing how the battle unfolds.


Capt Bill said...

An inspirational experience as usual!

tidders said...

yummy ,looking forward to the next stages of the battle

-- Allan